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A Place Where Disciples Are Born.
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1 Corinthians 4;20
Romans 14;17
The Power of the Holy Spirit
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Chosen, ordained by God, and truly led by his spirit. Weapons of Truth
International Kingdom is a ministry based on the principle of being led
by the Holy Spirit. Established under the anointed leadership of our very
own Apostle Stephen Green, WOT has been fulfilling the great commission
for many years. We’re a versatile ministry with the strict mandate of
seeking and saving the lost. Chosen to be set apart from the usual, normal
ministry setting, we have truly committed ourselves to learning the true
ways of the eternal God. Our father in heaven has entrusted us to carry
Continuously his presence, and to use the anointing to destroy the yokes
of the wicked one. We have learned to truly trust God with our lives and
to fully submit to his predestined perfect will.
Saturday Evening Worship Service  7 p.m.

Tuesday Night Bible Study  7:30 p.m.

Wednesday Night Intercessory Prayer  6 p.m.
We offer transportation through
Traveling Grace Transportation Ministry