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Welcome to our movie ministry.
Seeing Through The Eyes of God
Movie Ministry meets every third
Sunday at six o’clock p.m. We show
a variety of Christian movies. Our
distinct selection varies from all
sorts of drama to comedy.
Sometimes we get accustomed to a great revelation from God being released from across the
pulpit. God has many different ways that he chooses to speak to his creation. The bible declares
that all things were created by God. One can watch a good Christian movie and find themselves
receiving fresh revelation from God. Seeing Through the Eyes of God Movie Ministry’s vision
is to tap into the spirit of God and allow God to open up our minds to the many different concepts
that Christian movies have to offer. We understand that those who wrote the bible were inspired
by the Holy Spirit, so we choose to allow God to inspire us with his understanding on many different
subjects. Seeing Through God’s Eyes allows for a more spiritual understanding and a more deeper
revelation than before. When you see it through God’s eyes you can never go wrong.
Movie Ministry
Mother Shirley Berry