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God gave women the divine ability to give life and to nourish
life. Women have the awesome mandate of experiencing life
develop and grow. Women at the Well is a distinct women’s
ministry where travailing before God is the core vision. Our
women want to see God’s purpose in the earth birthed, nourished,
and developed into supernatural destinies. The hearts of the
Women at the Well have been turned towards God’s purpose and
plan for the earth, and have been filled with the sincere desire to
fully see the will of God come to past. A group of women that
truly love with the love of God and pray with the compassion of
Jesus Christ.
Women at the Well come together
in prayer and travail every fourth
Friday evening at 6 pm. The normal
meeting location is at the temple,
which is located at 3871 Nokomis
Street. If there is a change in the
meeting schedule, the time and
location will be posted here on the
website via special announcements.
For more information on our women’s
ministry, please contact one of our